Computing Services

Acute Systems provides end-user support for desktops and associated services. DCS manages the entire end-user lifecycle, including installation, moves, break-fix, performance optimization, preventative maintenance and monitoring services.

Network Infrastructure Service

Today, your communications infrastructure no longer merely supports your business, it drives your business. At the core of your communication and collaboration infrastructure is the network, providing fast, seamless connectivity that is essential to your business operations. So, what does this mean for you? Your corporate network was not built in a day. It has probably evolved over your company’s lifetime and what’s more, it doesn't exist in isolation. If your network is down, so is your business. Seemingly small slip-ups can bring a system down, and in today’s competitive marketplace, outages can be extraordinarily expensive in terms of business productivity and damaged client confidence .

So what are your options? The good news is that engaging with a provider with the relevant expertise and suite of services in the networking as well as the communications and collaboration domain can go a long way to helping you select the most appropriate technologies, integrate them seamlessly into your environment, manage your IT support costs, increase your network availability and facilitate the evolution of your communications and collaboration infrastructure to support the evolution of your business. Letting Acute systems to managed network services frees up your internal resources to focus on objectives that are critical to your business; you do what you do best - run your business - while we do what we do best - take care of your network.

Converged Communications

In today’s competitive marketplace, a business agility is determined by the speed with which it can transform data into information and accelerate communication internally as well as with customers and partners.

Acute Systems helps clients integrate traditional communication tools (telephony, email) with collaboration technologies (IM, conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application. We are providing a secure and robust voice infrastructure helping you to reducing costs and improve business process .

Data Center Services

Are you on the journey to a more efficient and agile data center? Organizations worldwide are placing greater demands on their data centers to provide business services faster, more efficiently and securely. This challenge to the IT department is exacerbated by growing computing and storage requirements, and the need to maintain service levels. Our data center solutions can help address these challenges by increasing the adoption of virtualization, optimizing the management of data and ensuring the network and data center facilities are ready to support new projects.

Telecoms expense management and the data center: Virtualization has created significant opportunities to reduce cost and drive infrastructure efficiency in today’s tough climate. But for virtualization to deliver end user satisfaction, the only impact it should have on the end user experience, should be a positive one, whether they're working from their desks, or accessing corporate applications from mobile hotspot So how do you architect optimal solutions both inside and outside the firewall? How do you improve the business case for cloud and virtualization? How do you manage user satisfaction with cloud and virtualization and provide premium value? Let Acute Systems develop an efficient Solution for your Organization?


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